A Journey of Healing

in the Most Natural Way 


Suffering is a given; suffering alone is intolerable.

Sue Johnson

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Fire for the Soul

Updated: Mar 4

By the time they were out in the yard the clouds have started to gather above their heads. Adding a touch of murkiness to the chilly atmosphere. The air was crisp, almost biting. Good thing they came out prepared - in true Canadian fashion, in layer upon layer of clothing.

On their plates, a hefty mound of leafy greens & cucumbers, with some plump slices of turmeric-crusted baked chicken. The dressing she whipped up from scratch didn't quite turn out, but it made her happy just the same.

The fire ember was comforting, as it glowed warmly away, while they munched on their dinner. It was reminiscent of home in their childhood, like tight loving hugs from their bouncy grandmothers, swooning all over them. They sat there with tea after, talking quietly about their day, almost whispering.

Her heart, utterly grateful to God for him, for deeply & strongly living out their vows, 'in sickness and in health.' Theirs is a simple and happy life. The one that treasures little quiet moments like this. And yes. They have their faith above all else, that never fails them to keep on hoping. 🧡

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