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Grace on Raising Aaron

Updated: May 18

"Aaron questions everything, he does not conform to the common understanding of things. He challenges anything that piques his interest by digging deeper and deeper. He stores information quickly and has a photographic memory. When he was in Grade 1, his grade level achievement based on the Brigance Test was Grade 4. Despite being academically advanced, he is expressive and is affectionate. He has both the brain and the heart, the IQ and the EQ."

"This was when he was 3yo. I was cooking at the kitchen when it suddenly got quiet and the onions were gone. I found him on the floor doing this kind of stuff."


"Aaron turned 8 last Feb 9. He loves any information that stimulates his curiosity. He's very interested in world history, he knows the world almanac by heart - the continents, the countries and their capitals, currencies, the major leaders of the world."

"In Grade 1 he started to get interested in algebra, square root, the periodic table, and he loves reading. He can read letters before he turned 1 year and can fully read sentences when he was 3yo. He can spell when he was 2yo and was obsessed with the solar system - to the point of knowing the moons' names of every distant planet. He initiated an interesting behaviour before he turned 1yo by arranging his crayons according to colours and his (hot wheels) toy car collections in alphabetical order. "

"When he was around 3yo we did not need to use our GPS, he was our human compass. We always have the city map with us and he navigates. It was also at that stage when we noticed that he does not get along well with kids in the same age group like he does with adults. He gets frustrated when his peers don't understand what he means."

"It was very difficult for us to see our child playing by himself. Some call him names based on what they see. It was the most heartbreaking time for us and from then on we tend to avoid joining friends' gatherings and just go out as a family. We realized that our child is gifted when he interacts differently and excitedly when he is with somebody who feeds his curiosity and learning. Since then we choose who we go out with. We have so much gratitude to our previous landlord who recognized our challenges and introduced us to his child psychologist."

"On the one hand, we are working closely with his Pediatrician and is arranging the schedule for his  IQ Test to provide him with the necessary learning support. On the other hand, we as parents expose him more to social activities as this is his area of development, learning how to be compassionate with his peers. We are working closely with his school so he is supported with activities according to his learning capabilities - especially in Math, Science and Reading where he is advance."


"It was a moment of Magic. Because of him we, as parents, were able to figure out how to spend the rest of our lives. He was the reason why we made the  major decision to pull ourselves out of our comfort zones at work, and start fresh in this country."

"Aaron is a Gift to everybody. He taught us how to live and enjoy life. He wants to be like everyone else and excel in everything - and is very vocal about it. He wants to work in the U.S. and bring us with him. He wants to buy us a house and take care of us when we grow old. He wants us to live with his family and play with his kids."

"If it were up to me, I'd hope that he becomes an Economist and work in the Parliament or the White House."

"Everyday for us is all about creating memories. My favourite times of the day are the 30mins before sleeping and 30mins of waking up. Before sleeping we always account our day - the happiest and the saddest parts. In the mornings before starting our day, we always remind each other how blessed we are."

Aaron: "Whenever you are in trouble just be calm, Mommy/Daddy."


"With homeschooling in this pandemic, Aaron is a self-learner. He navigates his interests by himself. As always observed, when an idea captures his attention, he does some research and applies the learning to his daily activity. As parents, we realize that he needs intellectual challenge. School works for him are quick and easy. At home, we provide extra learning materials to give him chances to work hard and handle his frustrations better."

"His love for books posted a challenge for us now, we can barely keep up providing him new ones with the closure of the stores and online shopping's delayed deliveries. His interest for basketball makes him active as well. "

"My priceless take away from the pandemic is being with him 24/7. It gives me the full picture of how he reacts and behaves with different stimulus around him. Some of the realizations, especially when they have class meet ups through web, is that he hides his talent. He feels that he is different because he knows ahead of his classmates, instead of participating orally he writes down his answer and keep it to himself."

"It made me more sensitive to his needs, to encourage and support him on how to maximize his full potential. Him being advanced academically made his social interaction more challenging. As parents, we know that we need help professionally to support Aaron."

"Having Aaron is a gift. He teaches us the importance of living - how to enjoy and have fun, how to love, how to have patience, how to accept, how to be kind."

"Be with your child. Let's do our share to make this world a better place to live in."

Deeply moved by the bestselling book (that started off as a blog), Humans of New York Stories, I am making space for little stories from real people to spur me into thinking about and doing constructive things. We all have stories to tell, and they do carry a lot of weight. May the words and insights from these Little Stories translate into some form of hope, courage, and change above all else. ~Ray

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